Zoom in a new event: The First Inclusive 8-a-side Football Championship,a Unique and Incredible Adventure!

Our partner Romulea Autistic Football Club is excited to announce the arrival of the 1st Inclusive Championship from Lega Calcio a 8 Unica, an experience that marks a true milestone in the world of sports. In a context where diversity and inclusion are increasingly important values, this league stands out not only for its name but also for its extraordinary mission.

A Unique League 

This championship represents a unique league, both in name and in the principles that guide its actions. The primary goal is to give everyone the precious opportunity to play and express themselves on the field. Inclusion is the objective, and they are determined to show that differences are not obstacles but resources to be celebrated.

The Lega Calcio a 8 Unica is ready to kick off, and we can’t wait to share this extraordinary adventure with all of you.

Romulea Autistic Football Club, Meta Coop, Insuperabili, La lepre e la tartaruga ASDPS, Meraki Aps and many others different teams from various backgrounds will come together to share a common mission: breaking down barriers, challenging prejudices, and demonstrating how important it is to create opportunities for all.

Often, what is labeled as “disability” is a simple tag that hides people’s real abilities. We believe in seeing beyond appearances and evident limitations. We are ready to prove that boundaries can be overcome and challenges can transform into unique opportunities to grow, learn, and achieve exceptional milestones and new perspectives.

It will be an eagerly awaited emotional journey. As they prepare for the start of the season, we invite you to follow them closely on our social profile. They are ready to unveil the surprises we have in store for you, the football enthusiasts, and the supporters of inclusion who will join us in this challenge with courage and friendship, which on the field are stronger than any difference.

A hashtag that encapsulates our passion

They  share their  passion through the hashtag #LegaCalcioa8Unica This hashtag is not just a symbol, but a statement of intent. With it, we aim to inspire, raise awareness, and engage all those who believe in inclusion and the possibility of creating a better world through sports.

Get ready for an unforgettable experience as we approach 8-a-side football like you’ve never seen before. Lega Calcio A 8 Unica is here to prove that the true spirit of sports goes beyond the results on the field; it’s about inclusion, passion, and the determination to overcome challenges together. Are you ready?

#LC8 #LegaCalcioa8 #LegaCalcioa8Unica

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