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Logo from ASPTT

🇫🇷 ASPTT Fédération Omnisports – France

The FSASPTT was created in 1898 and is now one of the main multi-sport federations in France. Its 250 multi-sport clubs throughout France propose 200 sports and cultural activities to 200 000 members. Approved by the Ministry of Sports, the FSASPTT is a permanent member of the CNOSF (French National Olympic and Sports Committee). FSASPTT is recognised as an active member of the sporting world.

Sports for all is the main goal of the federation. With this objective, the FSASPTT drives actions that facilitate sports participation by making sports more accessible to all, including minorities, handicapped people, or destitute people (people living in the Priority City Districts, people with disabilities, women, etc.). The FSASPTT sports offer is built on the principle of physical literacy and is structured around 3 branches/sectors and 13 labels. It aims to offer activities to all audiences, regardless of age, physical abilities, and condition.

Email : contact@asptt.com

Logo from Inovar Autismo

🇵🇹 Inovar Autismo – Portugal

Constituted in 2016, Inovar Autismo assumes as its main mission to promote the inclusion of autistic children, youth and adults in their communities of belonging. The organization has as its vision the concept of “society for all”, by creating projects, training, mediating supporting both autistic persons and their social contexts and  using the community as the focus of intervention and not only the person with disabilities and their family.

Inovar Autismo assumes itself as an incubator for new social responses, making their projects a way to challenge society for true inclusion, to deconstruct stereotypes and bias and to promote human rights. Within the association, there is a high-quality technical staff with experience in the field of autism and inclusion and public policies for disability.

Email : inovar.autismo@gmail.com

Logo from Autism Europe

🇧🇪 Autism-Europe (AE) – Belgium

Autism-Europe ensures effective liaison among almost 90-member autism organizations from 38 European countries, including 25 Member States of the European Union, as well as governments and European and international institutions. AE plays a key role in raising public awareness, and in influencing the European decision-makers on all issues relating to the rights of autistic people.

Self-advocates and parents play a central role in the organization to ensure that the views and interests of persons with autism are adequately reflected in its work. AE is recognized by the European Commission since 1983 as the voice of autistic people and their families in Europe. To maximize its impact on the European Union’s policies, AE also works in strategic coalitions with organizations that share the same concerns and goals. Indeed, AE is regularly consulted by the World Health Organization (WHO), cooperates with the United Nations (UN) and is supported by the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Employment, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities under the Rights, Equality and Citizenship Programme 2014-2020 and following. AE holds a triannual international congress to share the latest research and best practices regarding areas such as therapies, support, social inclusion and services provision. The association publishes its LINK magazine, newsletters, research reports, position papers and toolkits to advocate for the rights of autistic people. Each year, it collaborates with its members in conducting campaigns to raise awareness about autism and mark World Autism Awareness Day (April 2). AE works with its members across Europe and has five paid staff members.

Email : secretariat@autismeurope.org

Logo from SS Romulea

🇮🇹 SS Romulea –SD aRL - Romulea Autistic Football Club – Italy

SS Romulea is a historic Italian football club, founded in 1922, for all youth categories accompanying them into professional football. SSR fosters social inclusion through sport at four levels:

1) in Romulea Autistic Football Club where 2/3 of players are young adults and adults on the autism spectrum who play in ordinary championships together with other players, who also have support functions: volunteer educators, parents and friends.

2) kids on the autism spectrum are playing in ordinary football teams of SSR, including the summer camp, in the context of “Elite Football School”, collaborating with the cooperative of professionals Giuliaparla.

3) players on the autism spectrum included in Romulea eSports: electronic sports practised at a competitive and organised level (the new Olympic discipline), collaborating with MCES Academy Roma;

4) a traineeship for workers on the autism spectrum in our staff together with Enaip and the Lazio Region. 

At SSR, inclusive football aims at social inclusion with the development of language, socialisation skills and the improvement of motor skills through the game of football. The game is inclusive because it strictly adopts FIFA rules, unlike other special projects that modify the rules of the game and are limited to a separate special sport context, involving only special teams. In inclusive football all players have to follow the same rules of the game, to have a real competitive game in the general sport context, being able to play against any team, but teammates help each other to understand and follow the rules of the game, in a parallel way to understanding also the social rules.

Email : calcioinclusivo@ssromulea.it

🇫🇷 Laboratoire C3S Culture, Sport, Santé, Société - Université de Franche-Comté – France

The C3S Laboratory (Culture, Sport, Health and Society) is a research unit (label EA4660) that is part of the sport department of the university of Franche-Comte, in Besançon, east of France. The laboratory is composed of 25 permanent associate and full professors, and 15 PhD students. Topics covered by the scientists of the laboratory are varied among several scientific domains by always around sport and physical activity: history, sociology, physiology, and neurosciences.

More particularly, scientists dedicate their research on the effects of several types of sports activities and training modalities on psychomotor and physiological factors, sociological and psychological behaviours. Research is not only focused on high-level athletes, but also on healthy and pathological populations, by promoting physical activity as a therapeutical tool. Within these 28 research teams, one laboratory is specifically dedicated to the subject of “sport and physical activities”, the C3S laboratory. The team brings together researchers, including 6 Professors and Lecturers, as well as about 30 doctoral multidisciplinary students, (history, sociology, psychology, physiology, or neuroscience) around a common objective: physical activity and sport.

Email : sidney.grospretre@univ-fcomte.fr

🇭🇷 Croatian union of Associations for Autism– Croatia

Croatian union of Associations for Autism is a non-governmental organization that coordinates 12 member organizations across Croatia with the same mission of improving the lives of children with autism and their families. CUAA has around 2000 members and communicates with a wider public. The mission of the CUAA is to improve care for people with autism in Croatia and supporting their parents and activists in their activities in the field of autism.

At the end of 2014 CUA entered a new phase of development when it received a grant from the National Foundation for Civil Society Development. Two young professionals have been employed in 2014 and CUAA equipped an office in Zagreb. In this period the organization has strengthened its cooperation with the member organizations, was recognized as a partner in a system building by government bodies and ministries and developed a pool of experts in the fields. CUAA also provides information about autism to the media, the public and organizes activities such as commemorating the World autism awareness day every year in April. Apart from developing connections, CUAA regularly organizes education around Croatia on different topics connected with autism and has organized regular gatherings of representatives of member organizations from all over Croatia with a goal of exchanging good practices and developing new ideas.

Email : suzah@autizam-suzah.hr