Documents to download

National congress of APA – European survey – Extract

European survey on the terms of sport practice of autistic people.

National congress of APA – Literature review – Extract

Sport and autism spectrum disorders: proposed recommendations based on current literature.

Version 1.2 – The Sacree model

This document represents the second version (V1.2) of the model, which is undergoing continuous refinement until its distribution in the sports and autism sectors by 2025. This model gives readers the theoretical framework of what it takes to propose and implement sports programs for autistic people in Europe: identification of the needs of autistic people, of the knowledge useful for professionals in the sports sector, etc.

Guide to choose the appropriate sporting activity

This guide, attached to the project Sacree, aims to provide a simple tool for parents, siblings, coaches, autistic persons, to select the best activity that suits them. Because there is no universal recipe to find the sport activity that would make you enjoy practicing, here are some tips on which criteria to focus on. Available in english and in french

Analysis of the existing sports programmes

The Analysis of the autism sport programmes of the partners and of other organisations worldwide provides a synthesis of autism programs that show good practices on how to build an adapted pedagogical model.

Version 1.2 – Guide for autistic people and their families

This little guide was developed in parallel with our sport programme adapted to autistic people which is broken down into a guide for professionals in sports structures. It is intended for autistic people and their relatives to raise their awareness of sport and its benefits, and give them advice on how to overcome the challenges they may face.