Take part in our online survey and/or interviews!

To progress in our project, we need to collect information to better understand the relationship that autistic people and their relatives (family, friends, etc.) have with sport. We are as interested in autistic people who play sports as well as those who do not. 

We have created an online survey to gather quantitative data on the sports habits of autistic people. If you are interested, please provide your feedback and share it with others. 

We would also like to conduct interviews (about 20 minutes on the phone, remotely or face-to-face, depending on availability) to gather qualitative data on your sporting practices, your expectations and the limitations you face. If you are willing to help us with these interviews, please contact us by email at sacree.project.autism@gmail.com. 

We hope many of you will take part in this process, your opinions and experiences are invaluable in shaping our programme!

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