Next step of the project

It has almost been a year since the project has started!

The first stage of the project, which focused on the scientific background of Sport and Autism, is almost complete! 

Two documents bring this period to a close: 

  • The Analysis of existing sport programmes, published on our website
  • An Comprehensive literature review on the effects of physical activity and sport on autism, currently being revised and soon to be sent to a scientific journal to be published! 

The next months of the Sacree project will be dedicated to the collection of information on the relationship that the project beneficiaries (people with autism, their families and friends) have with sport.

As such, we are going to diffuse an online survey to collect quantitative data on the habits of people with autism in sport. Answering the survey should be quick and take no more than 5-10 minutes and the questions will be simply: “Do you do physical activity?”, “If no, why?”, “If yes, which one and why this one?” “How frequently?”… 

In parallel, interviews will be conducted within the relevant target group, namely, people with autism to collect qualitative data to identify the expectations that people with autism have when they do sport and also to identify the obstacles that they meet. We also need interviews with sport professionals who work, or not, with people with autism, to identify their needs, the difficulties they encounter, their way of doing things etc. 

We hope that some of you will agree to participate in these surveys! We will come back to you soon with more details on the next steps of the project.

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