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Saola ASBL was created in 2021. Saola Asbl organises inclusive events, extracurricular activities and sports competitions mainly for children with Neurodiverse needs. We also encourage and promote inclusion, so children of all abilities can take part. 

Saola ASBL was created when co-founders were frustrated with the lack of sports and extracurricular activities and opportunities that were available to children with neurodiverse needs. 

There are so many sports opportunities for neurotypical children in Belgium. Why are there not inclusive activities for students with and without any type of neurodiverse needs?

We give all children the opportunity to participate no matter what their abilities are. It helps children feel that they are welcome and they are not different from other children. For the children who have no neurodiverse needs, they are exposed to children who are different from them and develop a tolerance and understanding in order for us to create a more inclusive community.

Some of our most popular events and activities that are organised are our Wednesday After school inclusive club. Our inclusive after school club is hosted every Wednesday (Except School Holidays) from 13h30-15h00. During this club we choose a different sport or activity to focus on for the term. Previously we have focused on Arts & Crafts, Swimming, Football and other ball sports.

During School Breaks and Holidays, Saola hosts inclusive stages and camps for children. Each week contains a different theme and we participate in activities based on that theme. We have previously had Olympic week, SuperHero week, Space and many other themes! 

One of our most popular activities that we host is our trademarked event called Inclusifoot. During early June, SAOLA organises an Inclusifoot event that allows children, with any type of neurodiversity  to participate in an adapted inclusive football event. This is a 3 hour event where children can feel comfortable, safe and will be able to enjoy a sport that is not always adaptable. This is also open to children who are also neurotypical. We only take a maximum of 15 children in each of these events in order to make the inclusive aspect a possibility. 

Saola offers communications in English, French, Dutch & Spanish

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