Discover our new guide to do the good choice of sport activity

For the Sacree project, the University of Franche Comté created a tool to help autistic people, their coaches, parents and siblings to find an activity that suits them and that is based on their personal preferences. 

The guide classifies sports according to differents categories of criteria: 

  • Is the activity inside or outside? 
  • Whether the activity is a team or an individual sport? 
  • Does the activity involve using a tool?
  • etc. 

The guide also classifies sports according to different motor, sensory, cognitive, psychological and other needs, and indicates what is involved.

Thus, there is a chart with a list of sports, and for each sport there are the characteristics (indoor/outdoor ; individual/team…) and a notation system of the specific needs represented by some “+” going from “+” to “++++” to indicate the level, “+” meaning few, and “++++” a lot. 

This guide will be revised to include more  sports. We are also considering adapting this guide into a survey to make it easier to use. 

Click here to discover the guide (or go in our section “Documents to download”)

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